It's time for Filters

I’ve seen people boast about using Snap Camera. I’ve also heard from people that say this tool doesn’t work well. Either way, people LOVE filters and it would be awesome for ON24 to have an in-house option for this instead of using a workaround.

We are pretty informal - however I know 100% if given the option, my presenters would choose a filter that changed their background so people didn’t see their personal space. Can we say goodbye to the bedroom background!

Does anyone else have a filter workaround?

I’ve heard that they are working on something like this, or at least that it’s on their product roadmap. Not sure when we can expect it. But I am also all for it!

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I’ve had 3 different sponsors ask about adding a filter in the past few months. With Teams and Zoom incorporating this as a standard feature that people love, I think the number of requests for it will only continue to increase.

Hi all,
We are wrapping up our virtual backgrounds feature. We will start a phased release in two weeks. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to be in an early phase.

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I love this @kevin.miller I can’t wait to get started with it!